About Us

Craftino is a cooking blog. I share my innovative, easy and healthy recipes with you since June 2018.You’ll find that most of the recipes I share on Craftino are either vegan or vegetarian. These dishes are perfect for anyone on a plant-based diet but can work for those following any eating routine! I also make sure to include some (mostly) gluten-free/vegan baking ideas in here too as I’m always experimenting with new ways to bake delicious goodies without gluten or animal products.Photographing food professionally has always been my passion so it’s really exciting that this wonderful hobby eventually lead me to Craftino! Craftino started out as just a personal cooking blog. It all started when I picked up photography classes 6 years ago; which was followed by an internship at one of Tokyo’s top food magazines and then eventually opening up my own photography business in Tokyo before becoming an internationally recognized food photographer and blogger. But this didn’t only give me the opportunity to be surrounded by delicious food 24/7, it also gave me a deep love for it which is why I wanted to create a platform where people could learn about yummy foods too.